Whose idea was this?

Yes, I'm the person you can blame for all the miles you're about to commit yourself to running!


I've been a keen runner all of my life, but after my teenage years I invested my sporting time playing mainly football and golf with the odd bit of running just to keep fit. It was after breaking my leg and badly damaging my ankle, and the long rehabilitation which followed, that I decided to hang up my boots and inveest in some running shoes again. 


Since 2007 I've entered many races from 10k up to Ultra Marathon distances and have enjoyed the training, racing and camaraderie which I find that running offers. 


I came up with the concept of Longest Day Run on a long dark winter's night in January 2012. The simple aims were as follows:


1) To get other runners to join in and set themselves their own personal challenge. We all run fixed distances in races, but how many of us run an unspecified distance over a fixed time period?


2) To get people who would not consider themselves as runners to take up the challenge and run for the first time.


3) To give runners an event from which they could raise money for a charity which is close to their hearts. 


In simple terms, that was it!


Having been on Twitter since late 2010 I have made the acquaintance and met many amazing people who all share the same passion for running, and their enthusiasm and support made me believe that this concept would work and so, in early 2012 the idea was put into action. The inaugural event took place over the weekend of 22nd & 23rd June 2012 and generated over 1,200 followers on Twitter and lots of wonderful feedback from those who took part. I received many inspirational messages from people who'd achieved their goals, many of whom ran further than they ever had done before.


The overwhelming feedback was "I hope there will be a Longest Day Run next year", so by popular demand here we are again, with the aim to make this year's event bigger and better than the first one.


All I ask of people is that they read this, feel inspired to set themselves a challenge and then go out and achieve or even surpass their expectations.


Please sign up, get your friends and family to sign up (it's totally FREE) and have a fantastic time.


I've been helped tremendously by a large number of people, some of whom get a mention elsewhere on the website. Those who don't get a personal mention know who they are, and I thank them for their support in getting this idea launched.


Thanks for reading & happy running.