Frequently Asked Questions

If any question you may have is not listed below then please use the "Contact" form and we will respond directly to you.


How do I sign up & is there a cost to enter?


You can sign up quickly & easily here. There is no charge to take part in the event. It's totally FREE!


What if I can't run on those dates or between those times?


Then run whenever you can as close to this weekend and just post your distance on the Daily Mile website (see "How to enter"). All we ask is that your total mileage be accumulated within a 24 hour period.


Is there a minimum distance to be covered?


No. This is intended to be a personal challenge for each participant. All we ask is that you run at least one mile during the 24 hours. We want to encourage as many people as possible to enter, from complete novice runners who've never run before all the way up to experienced Ultra Marathoners who want to set themselves a challenge to cover some serious miles!


Is there a minimum or maximum number of runs during the 24 hours?


No. Run once, twice, ten times if you like. Just choose the best strategy to help you cover the most miles you can during the 24 hours.


I'd like to raise money for charity, what are my options?


We have yet to select an official charity for this year's event, but you can run for any charity of your choice. See here for further details and ideas.


Can I join with other people to do a relay event?


That would be a great idea and would be particularly appropriate for running clubs or gym members who wish to joing up with like minded individuals.


I don't live in the UK, can I join in?


Of course you can. We want this to be a worldwide event and the more countries the merrier. Don't worry about the different time zones, just use local time to you.


What's the purpose of Longest Day Run?


This event has a simple purpose, to get runners to set themsleves a challenge, encourage others to take part, and in the process to hopefully raise some money for charities. This is not a profit making venture and no money will be made as a result of it. If we can secure some corporate sponsorships, then this will require a direct donation to be made to a charity which we will select in due course.